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LD20: Mumbly Jim05:26 AM -- Sun May 1, 2011

Now the shop opens up when you swim to the tugboat, though there is nothing for sale. You can also vaguely make out the pearlometers in the upper right of the screen. That's how many pearls and golden pearls you have. Golden pearls are rare, but the deeper you go, the more common they become. So you can now get pearls out of oysters, and fail to spend them at Mumbly Jim's!

Which reminds me that Scuba Jim probably won't work as a name, if you also have Mumbly Jim. Or is it a commentary on how the name Jim is really common in the real world, but no sane work of fiction (that wasn't specifically about the coincidence) would have two characters named Jim in it, even if there were like 50 characters? It's SUPER DEEP. Like the ocean.

And I'm going to bed for a bright and early finish tomorrow! Need things to buy, things to kill you, and sounds. And maybe a title screen. And maybe a title.
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