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Mia's Happy Day Draws Closer12:38 AM -- Fri May 13, 2011

I can't even remember the last time I made even a tiny change to the gameplay of this game. But BOY have I been working on menus and online stuff for weeks. I feel like the work I'm doing is very relevant to any future games I want to do... I hope. At long last, it can most definitely load and save user-made levels, get high scores on them, keep your progress, and you can rate the levels. You can also play official levels instead of custom levels (of which there is one at the moment: Tutorial Lane), and look at the empty award page of awards you can't earn. It really feels like it's close to the finish line now.

I guess what remains is: creating the official levels, making the awards gettable (and drawing their icons, how I hate that!), and the instructions, and a page I have been dreading making. I think you'll know what page that is when you play the game. There's also an issue of user accounts... right now you just type in a name, but a Hamumu version could use your Dumb Account, a Kongregate version could use your Kong info, and so on. I haven't thought enough about those rules. Just typing in any name you like is a wee bit insecure, but what's to secure? I don't know, much thinking to do, and I think that has been stopping me from getting things done.
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