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Mia's Happy Testers10:57 PM -- Fri May 20, 2011

Mia's Happy Day is almost ready to go! I'm looking for a few good testers. If you are considering whether to apply, let me tell you that this is a Tony Hawk type of game (pretty much exactly, which is something I've always wanted to do) - you hop around trying to make big combos by combining tricks without hitting the ground. It's all about dexterity, no thinking or leveling up or adventures. In each level, you get two minutes to score all you can. There are also some side goals you can do, like finding the Cookieball, but the basic goal is to maximize your score. You don't have to be a Tony Hawk fan or player to understand this game, but if you are, you will appreciate it!

I will choose testers on Monday from people who do this:

1. Send me an email saying you want to test.

2. Don't send me something other than an email saying so.

3. Don't have tested my last game (what, that makes sense!).

So, sign up if you're interested!
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