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Technology, My Nemesis08:21 PM -- Wed May 25, 2011

Here are a list of the ways in which technology has viciously assaulted me in the past week:

- My internet connection is turning to dust. Slow, sure, but also several super-brief disconnects every minute. Uploading new builds of Mia was torture last night, retrying over and over to upload the one-megabyte file.

- My iPod Touch no longer can make noise, except through headphones (been that way about a month). Then shortly after that, the headphone jack got bad, so I have to jiggle headphones to make them work in it, and most of the time I'm only listening through one ear. And now it's crashing often.

- My wife's iPhone won't charge anymore, unless the charger is plugged in perfectly right and not jiggled the tiniest bit after you get it right. Sometimes the wind undoes it. Sometimes we can't get it right to begin with. Much like my iPod, the problem is clearly in the device, as we tried many different cords. It seems our apple devices are on the way out, but we can't afford replacements.

- My video card completely died, in a very harsh way. Luckily, this computer has a built-in video card too, so I am switched to that. But now my screen is actually blurry, and the color smears. It's not pretty. And I had to turn my WoW settings way down! That is a true first-world problem.

- Mia's Happy Day has one of those bugs. The kind that have nothing to do with my actual code, and it works fine running locally, but whe uploaded to the web, suddenly you can't load levels anymore. So I have to figure out the secret dance you have to do to make that happen. That's the kind of bug that is near-impossible to fix, and once you finally do, you have no sense of joy. You just finally stumbled across a website mentioning the exact issue (or changed some random number in a last desperate attempt) and tweaked something you don't even understand the reason for, and now it works. Worst kind of bugs.

- We tried to watch a DVD last night (since we can't watch Netflix in our internet's condition!) and it had no sound! It was a special DVD sent by a survey company, we are supposed to watch and judge, but I judge it very quiet.

On the plus side, all of these technological woes are just interfering with my ability to utilize technology I'm trying to utilize, so it's not like my life would be better without the technology. Or maybe it would. But then I'd need a new job. Anyway, the point is that it's not actually hampering me in any way other than in technology itself. Sadly, that's my life. Wait, that's sad in two ways!
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