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Belittling Horror Excessively: Introduction03:05 PM -- Sat October 1, 2011

Welcome, my friends, to Belittling Horror Excessively!

Boy, that acronym was one I struggled over for days. I'm still not really happy with it. Anyway, the point is this! Each day of October, I shall watch a horror movie, and review it! I'm gonna let you know a day in advance (except today you get half a day), so you can watch it too, and add your own review or comments! You'll get the idea when the first review goes up much later tonight, as I've got a whole format set up with a lot of different things to cover. I've got a busy day, so I won't even get to watch it until evening. All the movies will be watched on Netflix streaming, so if you have that, I can assure you the movie is available for your viewing.

Now, very few of the movies I watch will actually be Hamumu-Appropriate. That's kind of how it goes with horror. So don't watch anything you're not comfortable with! I'll try to make the reviews fun and interesting regardless of whether you watched the movie. And of course I won't be actually saying inappropriate things.

The movie for October 1st is... Let The Right One In! Go and watch! It's the only one for this month that I've actually seen already, but I wanted my wife to see it, and later on, you'll see another reason why we watched it (you might be able to guess what that is).

One other thing: would you rather know the entire list of movies, or keep it a surprise day by day? Or somewhere in between, like knowing the next 3 movies? I've got quite a few shocks and twists in there, I'd hate to give them away! But I'd also hate for people to not watch along with me if they would when given more time to do so.
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