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Belittling Horror Excessively: ERROR ERROR05:07 AM -- Wed October 5, 2011

Pardon the intrusion... I didn't get a chance to watch Shiver today as advertised. Our power went out for several hours, and when it came back, the internet was down for the rest of the night (until 10pm, at which point I am dutifully telling you this! But I'm not staying up for an entire movie and review). I'm not sure how I'm gonna make up this delay. I really hadn't counted on actually being unable to watch a movie all day. Hopefully it won't happen again, and I'm going to keep the schedule in order, watching this movie tomorrow, and maybe a second movie tomorrow? I will squeeze an extra movie in sometime to get caught up.

Just in case I do, and you want to watch along with me, the correct movie for tomorrow is Dorm, a Thai movie about a kid going off to school and feeling lonely until he befriends a ghost. So it's like Casper!
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