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Bouapha Heralds Entertainment!02:27 AM -- Tue October 11, 2011

Good news, everyone! Actually, it's big world-changing news. First of all, major credit to SpaceManiac, who did this work...

Dr. Lunatic has been updated to work properly on modern computers without any weird color issues or whatever! There are lots of other little tweaks in the code that are improving other issues (like as an example, the notorious add-on world limit has been massively upgraded). But the big news is that the game now includes The Expando-Pak and Fun Pack! So it's big and juicy and fun and cool. I have all the old add-ons still (they were taken down since the packs they required weren't available, and Supremized version were available), and I want to get those listed up on the site again, but it'll take a while, since I have to go through and find out who the author was for each one.

Now you're probably asking, what's the point? Who needs an upgraded Dr. Lunatic, when Supreme With Cheese is all anybody plays? Well the point is that this was the testbed for the conversion process. Assuming he doesn't run away, SpaceManiac will be converting all the other big games too! Things are going to be much nicer all around with lots of modern functionality and much-needed tweaks. It's exciting to know this stuff actually compiles nowadays.

Oh, and one note/warning/request for help. Please check out the demo version, and if you own the full game, download the new version from My Downloads and check that out. If you encounter any problems, let me know. This is actually a pretty darn untested release because of the tight deadline we had to work on it (lots of bugs fixed this very afternoon). So if you have problems, don't fear, we will fix them ASAP, we just need to know about them!
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