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B.H.E.03:51 PM -- Wed October 12, 2011

It's time for B.H.E.! That means a T.A.G. tournament! Like the other Halloween tournaments, this one runs for 7 days, and the prize is 50 Yerfbucks (25 for second place, 10 for third place). Make sure you play every day for the next week, or you'll have no chance to win!

Because of how T.A.G. works, this one was a little tricky to set up. Firstly, I'm hoping it's working right. Secondly, it works like this: Acronyms entered starting today (the 12th) count toward your B.H.E. score. You'll still have voting to do today, which is not for B.H.E., it's just from the previous day's acronyms. The acronym entered on the 17th will be the last one for the contest, because then on the 18th, you'll be voting on the one from the 17th, and on the 19th is when the results from that voting get added in. T.A.G. may be a simple game to play, but it's complicated to work with! Just remember to keep entering acronyms and voting, and you'll keep scoring!

Also, even though today is normal, the theme is much more appropriate starting tomorrow!
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