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Beware Hamumu's Errors!08:46 PM -- Sat October 15, 2011

Hey, remember how the updated version of Dr. Lunatic came out earlier this week? Well, at long last, the source code is available! You can download it if you own the game, via My Downloads.

A few comments on this. First of all, only the source code is free to use. The sound, graphics, and music are not. You can either make your own graphics and sound, or make an EXE that you share with people who already own Dr. Lunatic to use with their files. Let me repeat that one more time: You cannot distribute the sound, graphics, and music of Dr. Lunatic to anyone! You can share the demo freely, but only in its full, unmodified form.

Second issue: You can do whatever you want with the code! Go nuts and enjoy. You can use it in commercial products if it's somehow useful for that. I'd love a credit in your creation, but you don't have to give it.

Third issue: It's very bad code. Yikes. Don't make fun of me. It is actually the first "full-sized" game I ever wrote, about 15 years ago.

Fourth issue: I offer no help whatsoever. Please don't ask me about the giant stream of errors you get trying to compile it. I'll tell you this: It was built with Allegro v4.4, and it's written in C++. I was able to compile it with MSVC8, which is free from Microsoft. I believe SpaceManiac used MINGW, also free. So good luck!

I don't know what you can accomplish with this odd assemblage of code, but that's up to you to figure out. Have fun!
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