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Bring Healthy Eyes! Winners!05:30 PM -- Tue October 18, 2011

The Bring Healthy Eyes contest has concluded! And the winners are... Cheeselord in 1st place, Sonicchaos1993 in 2nd place, and... what's this? ME! in 3rd place! I suppose I could bow out though... making Sol Hunt third place!

As always, I point out that you should be still working to max out your score in Bring Healthy Eyes. The scoreboard will remain up all month and it might serve a purpose.

B.H.E, the TAG contest, will be ending tomorrow. After that, our next deadline is for both the Costume Contest and Bark, Howl, Etc., on the 23rd. We've got no costumes yet, so if you enter, you win! If you send anything for any of the BHE contests, I will reply immediately, so if you haven't heard from me, I haven't gotten your email.
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