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Begin Hamumu Entering!04:38 PM -- Sun October 23, 2011

Today is the first and biggest deadline day! Bark, Howl, Etc. I think was supposed to be in before today, but I'll let you get them in all day today too. Behold Hamumians Enrobed must be in today! Get that costume photographed! Build Haunted Environments also is over tomorrow morning, so finish making your levels today! I will be closing all these contests tomorrow morning when I wake up, so get them done in less than 20 hours!

In slightly later deadline news, Bite Here, Enjoy ends a day later, so you have all day tomorrow to turn that in, and Halloween Horror 12 ends the day after that.

Let me just tell you, with the tiny number of entries in all these contests, you're almost guaranteed a prize if you enter! There is one, I won't tell you which, where you could be the second person to enter, guaranteeing at least second place! Of course other people might enter too... but then that's the point of this paragraph, I'm using clever psychology to trick lots of people into entering. So enter now! Don't worry about doing something awesome, just do something!
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