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Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Every Burger05:30 PM -- Wed September 11, 2013

Every Burger
8/10 YUMS
I really want to just call this "Everyburger", because that works for me, but there is clearly a space in the name on the box, so I must respect that. So this box contains not just one burger, but EVERY burger! And it turns out that every burger is very very small, as you can see in the image. In addition to being small, it is adorable! There are two cookies for buns (and the top bun has little sesame seed dots you can barely see in the picture), surrounding a patty of chocolate, and what I guess is white chocolate for cheese.

Every Burger falls into that special category of Japanese candy where sure it tastes good - it's cookies and chocolate, not amazing, but I could certainly chow through a whole box no problem - but the real draw is the unstoppable cuteness of the tiny burgers. Kawaii candy! Some stuff is made with maximum yum in mind, others with maximum fun, and Every Burger is tilted straight into the fun column.

But with plenty of reasonable tastiness attached, I award this candy 8 Yums.
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