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Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Almond Crush Pocky05:18 PM -- Thu September 12, 2013

Almond Crush Pocky
9/10 YUMS
Pocky is the classic Japanese candy (well, along with Yan Yan) - likely you can find this in your local grocery store in a few flavors. But Almond Crush Pocky is harder to come by. I've had it before a few times, and it's as awesome as the picture indicates. First of all, the basic facts on Pocky: An individual Pocky is a very thin and long cracker/cookie stick (almost a pretzel without the salt, very dry crispy 'bread'), about six inches long. Incidentally, so far I have also described Pretz, which is a snack rather than a candy. To turn this stick into Pocky, they dip it in something sweet, to make it Pretz, they coat it in something savory. You get a various number of Pocky per pack, and a various number of packs per box, depending on the flavor. It's about that simple!

Almond Crush Pocky is coated in a layer of chocolate, and just buried in little chunks of almond. So you have the cookie, a bunch of chocolate, and lots of almonds. Can't go wrong there! If you're wondering, it comes 4 sticks to a pack, and 6 packs in this particular size box (you get less per pack than with other flavors, probably because of the bulkiness of the almonds). 9/10 Yums every time. I think Almond Crush may be my favorite Pocky flavor, but we have 3 other flavors in our review line-up this month, so we shall see.
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