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Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Chococone06:23 PM -- Sat September 14, 2013

10/10 YUMS
The English label slapped on the back of this calls it "Baked Wheat Cracker With Chocolate", which is fair. It also mentions a translation for the big print on the front: Takenoko no sato, which Google Translate told me is "Village of Bamboo Shoot". That's pretty appropriate - I see a village on the box art, and a lot of bamboo. Although to be honest the styling on the candy itself doesn't look like bamboo at all, it's like pinecones. But my final comment on the confusing naming here is that I've had these before, in an English-labeled box, and those were called Chococones, so that is what I call them.

These are awesome. The idea is as simple as the label says: Baked wheat cracker with chocolate. But it's the cracker (cookie, really - this ain't no cracker) that is the secret. I still don't really know what's in there - I see almond paste in the ingredient list, and maybe that's the key to the unique flavor - but whatever it is, they taste like they're infused with coconut oil or something. They're greasy and yummy.

Also, the box is not terribly large, but it's packed really full of cones. I've been struggling not to finish these off since I had to write a review of them, but even so I feel like I've had many separate chomping sessions each full of lots of cones. I'm saying you get a lot of candy in the box. And it's good. 10/10 Yums. Eat Chococones every day, they bring you health and happiness.
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