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Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Crunch Chocolate04:02 PM -- Wed September 18, 2013

Crunch Chocolate
9/10 YUMS
"Baked Chocolate Snack" or "Crunch Chocolate" is all the name I can find for this (given that I can't read the actual name printed right on the bag!). These are a really strange endorsement deal... it's a Japanese candy, covered with Suzy Spafford's art. She is a well-known American cartoonist who just sort of makes happy cute animals. I didn't know Japan had a shortage of those, but apparently they do, so they imported Suzy's art to emblazon this treat with.

But the wrapping isn't what's important! What is inside? Well, it's a baked chocolate snack. Pretty much, it's that thing you can make where you take Corn Flakes and pour melted chocolate over them and stir them up and let them cool (like Krispie Treats, but subbing in chocolate for marshmallow and Corn Flakes for Rice Krispies). That's about it. The ingredients refer to "corn grits" but I bet that's a mistranslation of corn flakes. So it's nothing really surprising and new, it's just something very tasty. You probably know what corn flakes and chocolate taste like together, and now you can enjoy it in a little bag with a cute animal on it!

Like Tomato Pretz (oops, I changed order - you'll learn about those later), you can achieve these flavors quite easily locally. But these are really yummy. I give them 9/10 Yums because yay. They remind me of Gzacky a lot, and I like to be reminded of Gzacky, but they are clearly inferior to it as well. If you're going to get a baked chocolate snack from Japan, get Gzacky. You won't regret it!
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