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Japanese Candy Fest 2013: Pucca11:16 PM -- Fri September 20, 2013

8.5/10 YUMS
These come from the Hello Panda school of baking. But while Hello Panda is clearly some sort of cookie filled with chocolate, these are actually pretzels filled with chocolate. Very very thin walls of unsalted pretzel surrounding a fairly large blob of chocolate. And of course in the shape of a fish! There are assorted sea life shapes inside, which adds to the fun. As do a bunch of mazes and puzzles inside the box, but unlike your average Japanese 6-year-old, I can't solve the puzzles. It would help if I could read them.

I suppose I should compare these to Hello Panda and pick a winner, but unfortunately I somehow managed not to get any Hello Panda in this giant batch of candy, so I don't really have the proper data to do a comparison. I think these might be the winner if I did compare, actually. The thin pretzel layer is really quite satisfying to crunch through into the chocolate below. It's a little like eating a Peanut M&M, only inside out. Or those special rare Crispy M&Ms, since there's no peanut flavor. Anyway, they fairly deserve 8.5/10 Yums. There's nothing fishy about these tasty snacks.
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