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Sad Growtopia04:59 PM -- Sun September 21, 2014

Well, as I write this, Growtopia is currently dead! We've had to take the server down due to a hardware issue. We don't know when it will be repaired, but hopefully within 24 hours. We regret this inconvenience a lot more than you do! You can keep an eye on Growtopiagame.com for updates on the issue.

So that's the news on that. I mainly am posting to push the previous post down - I am no longer hiring! I found somebody to do the website job, somebody to do NPC Quest 2, and somebody else for a secret project as well. That's probably more than I can manage at once, so this will all be interesting. But all of those projects are underway and I'll try to throw in some updates on rare occasions when there's something interesting to see.

In other news, I am sick.
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