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Puny Mortal
Things That Awesome People Do

Post your introduction in the official introductions thread
Post 10 worthwhile posts on the Forum (excluding Total Mayhem, which is never worthwhile!)
Buy one of our awesome games
Refer a friend to Hamumu who achieves 25% Awesomeness. They must enter your username during sign-up for you to get credit
Create a Supreme With Cheese add-on world that gets posted on the site
Create a Stockboy or Loonyland 2 add-on that gets posted on the site
Create a Costume Party level
Choose your own Custom Title
Design your own Avatar (with a non-Yerfdog piece involved)
Send in some Fan Art
Send in an Action Photo of you enjoying Hamumu
Speak in the Chat, located at the bottom of every page of the site
Earn 5 Trophies
Build a room in the Maze of Ludicrosity
Make a friend
Send a Monstergram
Send someone some Yerfbucks
Post a message on somebody's Talk page
Solve a Dumb: The Game puzzle (use the same email on both sites!)
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