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Seamonkey Says...Nov 1, 2009
Love newmumu. so far its awesome
A Monstergram from AtkinsSJ!Nov 1, 2009
Bouapha joined your Monster Collection!
Have a Bouapha!
Julian Says...Nov 1, 2009
Here, I'll even try posting on your talk page to see.
A Monstergram from CyberSonic!Nov 1, 2009
Shade joined your Monster Collection!
Liking the new site.
Got 20 Yerfbucks from Redbone!Nov 1, 2009
Hooray for the Clubhouse!
Chaucer Says...Nov 1, 2009
Soon Hamumu Clubhouse will be all the rage with the social networking crowd!
AtkinsSJ Says...Nov 1, 2009
Hooray for Hamumu CLubhouse! Those Facebooks and MySpaces won't be able to compete. :P
A Monstergram from Chaucer!Nov 1, 2009
Eensy Weensy joined your Monster Collection!
I like it so far, I look forward to Not-so-Beta! Keep up the awesometastic work!
A Monstergram from Mr.Onion!Nov 1, 2009
Meaniebot joined your Monster Collection!
Lots of things are broken, as you predicetd. :D
A Monstergram from Sol Hunt!Oct 15, 2009
Spitter joined your Monster Collection!
Here's a monster!
Sol Hunt Says...Oct 15, 2009
What is this?
A Monstergram from SpaceManiac!Oct 8, 2009
PUMPKIN! joined your Monster Collection!
Greetings commander! Have a Pumpkin!

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