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ChessManiac Says...Jul 12, 2014
You are a really great world builder Lisa, I think no one can match their levels with yours. Cheers!
Got 2 Yerfbucks from Nicky2009!Dec 12, 2012
Here are some yerfbucks for you.
Got 2 Yerfbucks from REACTOR!Apr 27, 2011
Here are some more yerfbucks for you.
Got 4 Yerfbucks from REACTOR!Apr 26, 2011
Here are some yerfbucks for you.
REACTOR Says...Apr 25, 2011
Your world"blockbusters"is a very fun and interesting world.
Eeilu argentina Says...Jun 17, 2010
me too! blockbusters rocks!
FelipeVieira Says...Jan 6, 2010
Hey Lisa, i love your Swc Worlds! :D

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