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Puny Mortal
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Got 50 Yerfbucks from Darko1!Nov 5, 2017
i love your giveaways
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Polanec!Nov 5, 2017
i hope u reach 10k
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Karlo2!Nov 5, 2017
you are best
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Stef!Nov 5, 2017
karlopc growtopian ytuber i love u support u
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Ivo!Nov 5, 2017
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Marko!Nov 5, 2017
Got 50 Yerfbucks from Tomislav!Nov 5, 2017
love u
Daily DumboscopeNov 4, 2017
Earth and Aiur are in conflict. Expect to meet a yellow yeti.
Karlopc Says...Nov 4, 2017
how to get yerfbucks
Daily DumboscopeOct 26, 2017
With Tallon IV rising in the Southeast, Pisces is in your favor! Expect to meet an imaginary police officer.
Karlopc Says...Oct 26, 2017
Hi Hamumu
Welcome to Hamumu!Oct 26, 2017
Karlopc joined Hamumu Clubhouse!

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