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Daily DumboscopeDec 7, 2017
Jupiter is arcing along the eleventh house of Sagittarius. Today, you shall encounter a purple swordfish!
Daily DumboscopeDec 6, 2017
There is a major confluence between Dagobah and Char! The stars suggest that you should imitate a violin with a bottle.
Daily DumboscopeDec 5, 2017
Alderaan and Cybertron are in conflict. Be on the lookout for a smart yellow cell phone today.
Daily DumboscopeDec 4, 2017
With Planet X just passing through the Southeast, Aries is in your favor! Be on the lookout for a wet harmless bridge today.
Welcome to Hamumu!Dec 3, 2017
FlamingBurger83 joined Hamumu Clubhouse!

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