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Evil, random-voting vegetable
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Halloweenie w/Mustard trophy earned!Nov 1, 2011
Mr.Onion earned the "Halloweenie w/Mustard" trophy for providing surprises for the Best Halloween Ever... twice!
Got 5 Yerfbucks from Edwinpichu2000!Aug 21, 2010
there you go
Got 15 Yerfbucks from Hyperme!Jul 14, 2010
You're winner!
a trophy earned. trophy earned!Jul 5, 2010
Mr.Onion earned the "a trophy earned." trophy for restoring stillness to the Pond.
TyTBone Says...Jun 28, 2010
BTW, no, memes do not have a use, but they /can/ be amusing. :P
TyTBone Says...Jun 17, 2010
Hey, sorry I missed your "Yo". Sup?
Daily DumboscopeMay 10, 2010
There is a major confluence between Babylon V and Spathiwa! The stars suggest that you should fight a President with an iguana.
Gigacat Says...May 3, 2010
If your 5YBs per card still stands, i would like to buy:Black Market Bob, Croaker, Fraekazoid, Deadly Tree, Guy Magic, MailBoxer, MeanieBot, Mini Mummy, Shroom, Squeaker, Bezerker Bear, Buddy Bunnie. Will give YBs when you confirm deal!
Daily DumboscopeApr 29, 2010
Char is arcing along the sixth house of Cancer. If you call a turtle today, you may regret it.
Got 10 Yerfbucks from Hyperme!Apr 26, 2010
Have a America cent!
Daily DumboscopeApr 25, 2010
Babylon V and Romulus are in conflict. If you forgive a shirt today, you may regret it.
Daily DumboscopeApr 24, 2010
There is a major confluence between Melmac and Pluto! The stars suggest that you should hug an iguana with a palm tree.
Daily DumboscopeApr 23, 2010
DUMBOSCOPE ERROR!!! *Klink* *Spoing* *WHIRR* Yerfbuck returned. See you tomorrow!
You got 1 Yerfbucks!
Daily DumboscopeApr 22, 2010
There is a major confluence between Draenor and Caprica! This is a great day for you to focus on talking to a hair.
Daily DumboscopeApr 21, 2010
Pisces is spinning in the sixthish quadrant of Taurus, bringing Alderaan into alignment. Be on the lookout for a vain blue turtle today.
Daily DumboscopeApr 20, 2010
Aries is rising in the eighth quadrant of Gemini, bringing Earth into alignment. The stars suggest that you should fight a snake with a robot.
Daily DumboscopeApr 19, 2010
With Antiga Prime lost somewhere in the Northwest, Taurus is in your favor! Luck will be with you. Keep an eye out for a wasteful heartless camera.
Daily DumboscopeApr 18, 2010
Spathiwa is wandering through the fifth house of Aries. Be wary of a blatant iguana - it could be your downfall today!
Daily DumboscopeApr 17, 2010
With Pluto moseying by the Southwest, Gemini is in your favor! Today, you shall encounter a harmless robot!
Daily DumboscopeApr 16, 2010
Aries is spinning in the sixth quadrant of Sagittarius, bringing Pluto into alignment. Expect to meet a wonderful umbrella.

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