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Daily DumboscopeOct 22, 2017
Scorpio is your power center. The stars suggest that you should carry a President with a cow.
Daily DumboscopeOct 20, 2017
DUMBOSCOPE ERROR!!! *Klink* *Spoing* *WHIRR* Yerfbuck returned. See you tomorrow!
You got 1 Yerfbucks!
Daily DumboscopeOct 18, 2017
Libra is your power center. This is a great day for you to focus on forgiving police officers.
Daily DumboscopeOct 16, 2017
With Endor moseying by the Northeast, Scorpio is in your favor! Today, you shall encounter a happy hope!
Daily DumboscopeOct 15, 2017
Capricorn is spinning in the eleventh quadrant of Aquarius, bringing Tatooine into alignment. The stars suggest that you should scare a fear with a teacher.
Daily DumboscopeOct 14, 2017
Capricorn is arcing along the eighth quadrant of Pisces, bringing Procyon II into alignment. This is a great day for you to focus on finding a psychologist.
Daily DumboscopeOct 13, 2017
Tatooine is drifting through the seventh house of Sagittarius. This means that you should avoid interrogating Presidents.

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