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Daily DumboscopeNov 19, 2017
Uranus and Azeroth are in conflict. The stars suggest that you should fry a politician with a turnip.
Daily DumboscopeNov 18, 2017
Scorpio is your power center. This is a great day for you to focus on finding a fish.
Daily DumboscopeNov 17, 2017
Libra is your power center. Be wary of a robotic cactus - it could be your downfall today!
Daily DumboscopeNov 16, 2017
With Antiga Prime lost somewhere in the North, Libra is in your favor! Be on the lookout for a silent twisted house today.
Daily DumboscopeNov 15, 2017
Procyon II and Dagobah are in conflict. Expect to meet a red television.
Daily DumboscopeNov 13, 2017
DUMBOSCOPE ERROR!!! *Klink* *Spoing* *WHIRR* Yerfbuck returned. See you tomorrow!
You got 1 Yerfbucks!
Daily DumboscopeNov 7, 2017
Libra is your power center. Expect to meet an imaginary salesman.
Daily DumboscopeOct 26, 2017
Neptune is falling in the second house of Capricorn. Luck will be with you. Keep an eye out for a spicy twisted stomach.
Daily DumboscopeOct 17, 2017
Aries is arcing along the eleventy-third quadrant of Capricorn, bringing Tallon IV into alignment. This means that you should avoid catching a doctor.
Daily DumboscopeOct 16, 2017
Zebes is arcing along the third house of Virgo. Be on the lookout for a missing powerful yak today.

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