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Wordsmith trophy earned!Mar 1, 2015
Ownt earned the "Wordsmith" trophy for being in the top 10 of DumbWords.
Yerfbucks Received!Mar 1, 2015
Ownt got 5 Yerfbucks for 10th place in DumbWords!
Poetic Justice trophy earned!Jul 31, 2011
Ownt earned the "Poetic Justice" trophy for taking the road less traveled. It has made about 5 Yerfbucks of difference.
Daily DumboscopeJul 29, 2011
Aries is your power center. Be wary of a rich clock - it could be your downfall today!
Awesome! trophy earned!Nov 6, 2009
Ownt earned the "Awesome!" trophy for becoming 25% Awesome.

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