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In the River
Things That Awesome People Do

Post 10 worthwhile posts on the Forum (excluding Total Mayhem, which is never worthwhile!)
Buy one of our awesome games
Create a Costume Party level
Choose your own Custom Title
Design your own Avatar (with a non-Yerfdog piece involved)
Speak in the Chat, located at the bottom of every page of the site
Make a friend
Send a Monstergram
Post a message on somebody's Talk page
Solve a Dumb: The Game puzzle (use the same email on both sites!)
Post your introduction in the official introductions thread
Refer a friend to Hamumu who achieves 25% Awesomeness. They must enter your username during sign-up for you to get credit
Create a Supreme With Cheese add-on world that gets posted on the site
Create a Stockboy or Loonyland 2 add-on that gets posted on the site
Send in some Fan Art
Send in an Action Photo of you enjoying Hamumu
Earn 5 Trophies
Build a room in the Maze of Ludicrosity
Send someone some Yerfbucks
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