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People Like Us!
Here's some nice things people have said about Hamumu. Thanks, people!
John R. - Kid Mystic has to be the most enjoyable game experience I've had in years. It's also the first game I've bothered to finish in years. You really hit something right on the head with it.

Death - I like hamumu because it has a unique community. This was the first online community I joined, and it remains the one closest to me, as the others don't make me feel as safe or as secure... also, the games are AWESOME!

Max - Hamumu is just awesome in every single way. The forums are great. The people that chat here are awesome. And its family-friendly that means you can't get abused in any way.

Blackduck - Hamumu is basically something which I adore immensely for it's all around feeling. It's like this magnet that will bring you in closer and closer, until you're hooked and it's too strong to get out.

JoyceVaughn - I like the games very much. Also the safe, secure website. The fact that they are family friendly goes a long way in todays world. I also like that Jamul is on top of things to keep it that way. Keep up the good work!

King Krazy - It's just nice to have a really open and welcoming place ( other than home) that you won't be judged or made fun of for being a nerd or geek.

Redbone - Mainly the games, they're awesome! But also the forum too. A unique community, no other place has a community as great as this!

Coolguy - A company that listens and interacts with the players, with fun things like contests, alpha/beta testing, letting us give suggestions, etc.

Puffazoid - Hamumu is the single most awesome, honest, and FUN game company/community I have ever found. It's so... Friendly, you know? It's like people put aside their petty quarels for the greater dumb!

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